Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let's try this again....

Yet again, I'll try to see if I can get something up and running where I spew forth various musings and thoughts on stuff. Earlier tonight I started on an exercise that I believe is meant to open some new doors for me. Part of it is about finding pleasure and another part is growth and maturity.

Part of this exercise involved my imagining of a place of power. I envisioned a grand throne that faced to the South which oversaw this lush forest below of a valley while to the West was a big rock wall that stood strong and tough. To the East was open space in contrast to the wall the other way. The North was a big airy arid land of almost nothing. Each direction seemed to have aspects to it that were rather interesting to me. To the South I felt a calling of maturity, to the North, a calling of knowledge, to the West a calling of strength and to the East a calling of fulfillment. In the center was joy which could well be the most interesting to see how that develops.

Over the next couple of weeks my other big challenge will be finding a heart gift to give. My current train of thought is to write out a series of blessings like I did last May that was a rather cool thing to pour my heart out onto some pieces of paper that I think I'll do again. Maybe something else will come to me.