Saturday, April 30, 2011

Strengths thoughts

Now for a few words on a couple of things from yesterday:

First there was this conversation that went for nearly 2 hours with someone where the time just flew. It was quite cool to have those moments where I'm relating well to this person in many ways. I share some of my problems, she shares some of hers, and there is this awesome dance I witness and play a role in making become real. There never seemed to be a lull or awkward pause over the time and I really am looking forward to the next one. An observation was made about how I light up when I said someone's name. That name is the person that is like my guardian angel for all the great things she brought into my life. I'm just noticing now how there was such rhythm there. Ah, what a sight.

Second, was some card playing I did. I brought my father out to this as I know he loves playing cards and figured this would be a cool thing to do. What happened was rather awesome though as my dad had a great time, I had a great time and there are a few stories to share from that night. Again, time flew, I was in my element and life rocked! It was epic and legendary all at once.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Navigating the world

Last weekend's Personal Best Seminar was quite the experience. There were a few big things I learned during it and the first week afterward:

1. What I've buried and didn't recognize when I first took it out were my dreams. When I was younger I put away what I wanted to ensure I got the basics of my life resolved. This meant that things like school and paying bills were done so that the grand joys of life would have to come later. Well it is now later and I want to find those joys.

2. Being hyper-emotional is my new normal. This means that little things can send me into a tear-y episode like discussing how to take a compliment. At the same time, I don't seem to be able to force myself into that state. If I try to force myself there is an odd resistance that I wish I understood. There is likely some great lesson to come from riding the highs and lows of emotions yet I don't know it at the moment.

3. The knowledge of my strengths is getting yet another revision. I do understand how I like absorbing knowledge, processing it, analyzing it and transforming it for various purposes. This can be quite the ability at times. At the same time, my tendency to throw myself heavily into things is another interesting note as my dancing adventure last night reminded me of how I may take some time to get comfortable but then I stay in for the long haul.

4. Some of my limitations have been cut down rather substantially though that emotional stuff throws me for a loop at times. Growth is a wonderful thing. What kinds of other changes await me further in the year? I wish I knew.

Now to look forward to a night of cards after I check out some places.