Monday, October 18, 2010

The power of Dominion in my life...

I've had a recent shift in my life. Granted that it could be the meds that I've been on for a couple of months now, but I'd like to think there could be another reason behind this. In my church group, there has been this teaching about walking with God in dominion over the world. This idea has taken a little while for me to finally get but now I do. This afternoon, I had an appointment where I've been going for the past few years to see someone about my foot. Just before this appointment I checked my blood sugars and they were rather low, a 4.1 mmol/L which is almost hypoglycemic, so I grabbed a snack at the Good Earth where my appointment was. At my appointment, there was a comment that I was "vibrating" which I'm sure was meant as a major compliment. Another way to say this is that I seem to be beaming now, shining my light onto the world. There is a bit of a warm fuzzy feeling to this that is very nice. Another adjective to describe me now is fantastic which is quite true, at least to my mind. This was the kind of appointment one dreams of having and I did have it! An awesome appointment, oh yeah.

Praying to God for guidance and then following through in partnering with God is a great gift I seem to be using these days. Stepping up and taking responsibility for what I can do to make and things better. Some may find this surprising or shocking, but somehow I think God sees this as normal. After all, why shouldn't I tap the great resources that have been given to me in this life? Yes there is some personal responsibility in doing some work on my end, but I'd like to think it is more than just luck that I hav ethe opportunities that I do. Getting a call from a friend I haven't had a conversation in years would be another one of those gifts that can just come when you least expect them.

While I would never force my views onto another person, I would offer the suggestion to anyone to give this a try and see what happens. I don't know if it'll work every time, but it may just do some surprising things if one asks for something good. I believe God has some great plans for the world that I am to play a part in changing the world. I don't know where I'll go with this blog, but for now I'm bringing this back as a place where I'll spout what I think is worth sharing with the world as I never know who will read this or when.

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