Saturday, June 26, 2010

Decisions, decisions....

I've been contemplating about getting a new phone since my current phone is a little old and possibly getting one of those smartphones rather than just a mobile phone. The idea of having my e-mail, Facebook and Twitter all infront of me is kind of exciting in some ways and I'd be curious to see how some of my forum sites would appear on a phone's screen instead of my 24" home screen or 19" work monitors. This is still at the contemplation point because of a few things:
  • When would that new "Droid X" come to Canada? I know it comes out in the States in mid-July so I wonder if a Canadian launch would be far away from that.
  • Even without that new phone in the mix, do I know which model I want? Do I want a Blackberry or one of those newer Motorola phones? I know I'll probably not get a HTC phone but that still leaves me with plenty of choices.
  • How much more would the cheapest data plan be compared to what I pay now? This is likely one of the stickier pointst. Also, do I change carriers or stay where I am?
  • When will the Android update come for some of the newer models in Canada like the Backflip that looks kind of cool?
As I said before, this is still something I'm mulling over and trying to sift through to find what phone will work for me. No, I will not go for an iPhone unless someone is paying me a million bucks to get one. My current phone is a LG chocolate slider but like I said it is kind of old and I could go for an upgrade soon.

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  1. J.B. I hope that you are doing well, I kept meaning to stop in here and say hello. I hadn't seen you stop by in awhile and wanted to let you know you were in my thoughts. All the best, I hope that you are doing great! ~Jenn