Sunday, June 20, 2010

My quest to be a man....

Today I was told a few things about what men want and what women want that I'm going to post here and see where my trains of thought take me, possibly into nonsense or insanity. In a sense, I understand that I'm still trying to become a man and resolve in the 21st century what is the role of an adult male in society which I may never fully resolve. Anyway, onto these few points of what it means to be a man:
  • Live an adventure - Men are supposed to take risks and have a life where exciting things happen. This prevents a guy from having a dull boring life, like I ever had a shot at that even.
  • Fight epic battles - Men are supposed to fight for justice and honor, all that jazz. I can relate to this more than the previous point as I do see the various battles in my life.
  • Find a beauty - Men aren't supposed to be alone. The theory here being that God made Eve for Adam and thus men even now are supposed to follow in that model.
For women, here were the points given:
  • Irreplaceable object - Women are supposed to feel like they are special to a man.
  • Lean into strength - Women are supposed to rely on men.
  • Be a beauty - Women are to be valued highly as the wonderful people they are.
What I notice in this is how the women's side tend to be more intangible than the other side. While I can get they are supposed to complement each other, it strikes me as odd that one side seems to be a bit more real and physical than the other. If anyone else reads this and has thoughts feel free to post them as I'm curious as to how others see this.

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  1. Are you ready "Wild At Heart?" by any chance? I read the woman's version entitled "Captivating" that explains women's biological roles and desires. A woman desires to be seen and sought after. They desire to be the one and only object of a man's attention and affection. We aren't necessarily designed to "rely" on men, but when treated as if her man would fight for her and protect her, almost becomes the woman that she was meant to be. If that makes sense.
    Men are meant to be adventurous and "wild at heart". But, what this actually means to each man is different.
    Because of how our society is these days, both roles are very wounded. A man has little opportunity to save the day and woman rarely feel as if they are the object of their man's heart due to the constant sex everywhere.
    One reason the divorce rate is so high? And maybe why the couples who do stay together are utterly bored? Just a thought!