Sunday, April 18, 2010

Redemptive gift thoughts

A friend of mine came up with his own interpretation of the seven redemptive gifts as well as a questionaire so we could each see which gift we have. The order of my gifts seemed to be Teacher, Mercy, Prophet, Ruler, Exhorter, Servant and Giver. I'll admit that I love knowledge and helping people so in some ways this seems like a natural fit. At the same time, the Mercy gift scored almost as high and thus I think I may also have this gift but it has been buried in me. When I was bullied when I was younger this seemed to be a way to encourage me to shut down what I was feeling and so now that I'm starting to awaken that part of me, I feel this seems like an interesting shift to me.

Another side to this is how the Teacher and Mercy seem to complement each other in some ways as the Mercy seems to suggest that my heart is with God while the Teacher suggests that my mind is with God in a sense as I absorb knowledge here and there. Thus, I see this as a rather powerful combination for me to see if this is really what I have. At the same time, there is some responsibility that comes with these gifts and that is where part of my current challenges are. I have to be responsible enough that if I know how to live better that I do live better. I may screw up trying to do it, but I will put forth the effort and see what happens.

The Prophet and Ruler seemed to be where I scored high enough that I may have a little bit of each of these gifts. Strangely enough these gifts are adjacent to the Mercy gift if one studies the order that the gifts are listed in the book of Romans. Thus, these seem to complement the Mercy in some regard that makes this seem more likely to possibly be where I am in some way. Perhaps there is a part of me blinded by logic and thus I'm not easily capable of shifting over to the Mercy so much but we'll see how this evolves over time.


  1. JB, I love the term you used called 'redemptive gifts'.. and I find this Teacher and Mercy portion you shared very interesting and in that it brings out a weakness which will most likely become a future strength.
    What was the one thing you swore to yourself when you were younger that you would not do?
    Often, through our spirit journey we end up returning to that position stronger and after much spirit training we are enabled to speak from that unique position, to relate to and help others. Maybe this is your thing. I would suggest not to try to know for sure as much as just live into this awareness and it will unveil itself to you in clues in the coming days and you'll just know 'what feels right'.. if you know what you want, just keep on focusing on that, even if it feels general and over time you will zoom in more and more and then have a series of small aha's or returns and know that you have found your niche.

    I can see exciting things ahead for you as long as you keep living from your heart, and remember your words have powerful energy. Speak over those weaker areas of your life with great intent of how you want to feel or believe and then you will shift out of the patterns that you once felt controlled by.
    I believe you will continue to rise and create new patterns for yourself with the help of spirit!

  2. There are 2 things that come to mind in terms of what I would have swore when I was younger what I wouldn't do:

    1. Trust others. So often when I was younger, I could do all the work and everyone would get a good grade, so it was a kind of win-win situation. The downside to this of course is that it makes me do everything which isn't always a good idea or even desirable in some cases. This is something I'm still working through but thankfully I seem to find fewer jerks where I am now compared to my younger days where I seem to have this really strong drive to achieve the best grades I could. Oddly enough my second strength is that I strive to constantly achieve so this makes total sense to my mind.

    2. Show my emotions. The teasing and bullying I had when I was younger was massive and left me wanting to freeze my emotional side which is almost what I did for a number of years. It is only the past year or so that I've been able to thaw this out and see that not everyone will have a negative reaction if I burst into tears which still happens more often than I'd like. Funerals are an anomaly to this but generally while a sensitive man is supposed to be attractive, I'm not sure that the hypersenstive is that desirable but again this is something I'm working through in some ways.