Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Those most awesome of moments

Since last September I have had more than a few times where I had what I'll call an awesome moment, where there is that sense of things just feel almost surreal and you could swear someone slipped you something somewhere as there is no way one should feel this good at any point in life. Last September was once such experience where over the span of 6 hours I went through a rather wild ride all told, as in the beginning was going to a new place, not sure what I was going to do, or who would even show up. I had my dinner and tried to relax but I'm guessing something or someone suspected something was up and I was asked to dance, which for me is quite challenging. Now, I took this in stride but oh boy was I ever nervous, sweaty, jittery and thinking I was barely keeping it together. Thankfully my dance partner understood my nerves enough to give me some pointers and try to get to me relax, though I could say with almost total certainty at that point that that wasn't going to happen any time soon. However, this did get me into a different place at the bar so I was now near the pool tables and got pulled into a game. I accept that I suck at pool but I played anyway and even got someone to tell me, "She beats everyone," which I found funny as I know how bad I am. It was still fun to play and enjoy some laughs and learn a few more names. Then came the flash and my time to launch into action mode. This would be the first of when things were just quite nice to my mind. I was a man on a mission at that point and I did eventually land over at a table and settle in enough that the following day I had some comments about how I looked so comfortable up there. There were some cool people there and some good discussion that night. Eventually we ended up going to a Denny's for some early morning food and on my way out I received quite the compliment that I must be quite a lucky guy. Ah, that was just so hilarious as the woman I sat beside I had just met and while I did have a crush on her, it wasn't recipricated, but oh well life moves on.

My other time this has popped up has been in group settings where I seem to just be on this massive roll spewing out either an experience I had or something I read or heard somewhere. In this case, it is almost like I have this surge of energy to do whatever I need but I somehow almost reject it to keep my tempo but become almost hyper-aware of what is going on around me. Like my Spidey-sense was triggered or something, but I just remember some of these moments with amazing clarity and hope to have many more of them. Sometimes there are laughs and other times there is that, "Uh-uh," from someone that I have given them a thought or two that sticks with them. It is a rather incredible feeling to have all this ample energy, know that you aren't threatened or scared just excited to get this out and off your chest as you believe someone there was meant to hear that truth that night or something. Maybe it is a form of divine luck or God wanting to show me, "Look, here is your gift in action, dude!" I just know I relish such moments and hope to have a few more soon.

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