Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another week in my life has passed

Maybe I'll just settle into doing weekly posts for a while and see how that goes. This week had its moments that are quite something. At one end, there is someone over in Africa that I've exchanged a few e-mails with and will see what develops there. She claims that her late father set up a bank account in the U.K. and needs a foreign representative to help access the money. Do I totally believe this story? No, but I am trying to help and have sent a couple of e-mails to see what comes next. A little while back I'd get these e-mails from women in Russia and while it would sound like a soap opera to disclose all that was shared, it was funny how those e-mails have just dried up. Maybe they realized I wasn't going to send them any money or something else happened. I don't know, but I do know that I would pour a part of my heart into each e-mail and sometimes be rather shocked by just how deeply some got into what I'd send. It was almost like how I would have imagined a mail-order bride situation where there are the basic messages of "Hi, are you going to hurt me?" and then various messages that involve things I've seen in dozens of chick flicks over the years.

Near the end of my week was a rather interesting dinner with a friend. We reviewed some of what is going on in my life and in some ways a gauntlet was thrown down. I could have a meal a week with this person to help me get my life in order but the price for this is that I be committed to falling through on what is asked and this not be a waste of time where I rationalize my life choices.

At the other end of my week was a meeting with a recruiter that went quite well. We talked for an hour and a half about where I work, me, what I'm wanting in a new position and a few opportunities he had for me to consider. This could be where I go onward and upward in terms of my career. In a way, I feel like I'm at a odd crossroads in my life. I know part of what I want, and now have to figure out how to bring that into my life. What will happen from this is anyone's guess, but I do find it funny how some in the office know something is going on and some are just turning a blind eye.

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