Saturday, May 15, 2010

Where am I going....

This seems to be my big question now. This past week, I did 50 minutes of cardio a couple of times and was amazed that I did it. I survived it and discovered that maybe I do have more stamina and endurance than I thought I did. For my next big goal of the week, I think I want to try to do 60 minutes twice a week at an above moderate intensity. Part of this is trying to stick to the plan and part of it is setting new goals once old ones are achieved.

Finding connections in the world is something else I've been pondering as I know relationships are part of life where I struggle. Living so much of my life alone, it is hard to get to know how well do I know people. At what point is someone a friend versus an acquaintence? At what point do you know who to ask the big questions? These are other thoughts percolating on my mind lately.


  1. JB, congrats on your cardio work! You are doing awesome with growth, bro! ;) All the best this week as you continue practicing into your best lifestyle! I believe in you! You'll go far!

    Follow your heart with connections. I have found it is best to spread out the areas I am drawing in from and placing info at, that way it helps to stay balanced, without leaning too much and learning to trust your own wise intuition first, and letting others support you along side of that ;) hope this helps?
    I think we all struggle with connections to an extent, but as we change there are always angels and helpful resources there to help us up... stay encouraged! ;)

    blessings to you.. luv and light, Jenn

  2. hey JB, have you checked out The Message (Bible) by Eugene Peterson .. it is much easier reading!! I didn't think it was possible to read the whole thing, but I've been using a few versions and a friend challenged me this year that if I read it "faster" than I can grasp 'the whole story picture'.. and she is so right! I used to open up and read blurps.. but you can't grasp it as much.. It is really about "The Covenant" God chose to make with us.,.. and the redemption story.. we are also a part of this, and our roles even now are living into this redeeming love! It is miraculous, in the ordinary day when one believes ;) xx... try this version and put up the amp a little and you will notice excitement grow..,. you'll be flying through the pages and be learning and feeling urgency. That sets the spark and you'll recognize how much we are alike those characters in the story. hugs, and blessings to you, Jenn

  3. here is an encouraging post for you today, in regards to the post you shared on my page.

  4. Thanks Jenn. I have read various passages under The Message but I think I have the tendency to want to analyze everything in a bazillion ways so I may just have the challenge of figuring out how to slow down my mind and open my heart when I read. It could well be a big challenge for me to read this way rather than in my natural intellectual form. Jody Hedlund's post had some good points that remind me of how much a perfectionist I am at times, though I have also changed a lot I don't acknowledge this as it gets away from all the stuff that is still in need of work.