Sunday, May 2, 2010

Thoughts on love...

While I'll admit to not understanding it well, love as a concept is something I find very fascinating. Whenever someone says, "I love you," I'll almost always ponder for a moment, what is meant by the L-word. My sister for example, will tell relatives that she loves them, but will she call them? No. Will she visit them? No. Yet, she would say that she loves them and for me this frustrates me greatly. While one could argue that my parents would be better role models here, the age factor and other differences make it harder to relate in many ways. My mother was great at compartmentalizing everything so she could appear however she wanted to appear, kind of like a chameleon to my mind. My father on the other hand, was a hard working guy that just seemed to put too much work into everything for me to want to follow in that tradition. Thus, I grew up a little isolated and kind of left on my own. This makes me have all kinds of thoughts and ideas about love, some of which comes from literary sources as this is a rather common human experience to share and endure.

Being loved for who someone is, rather than what they think or do is an interesting challenge to my mind. Do you have someone that loves you no matter what you do? That will be there, through thick and thin, that wants to hear the adventures that are your life? At times I think I do, though at others I know of others that want to learn this too. For all the talk of God and his being everywhere, I see the flip side being something that all too often gets overlooked. Satan has his power too and one shouldn't forget about this in terms of what can influence one's life. I do know of some communities where I am loved and it feels fabulous, this I know. What I don't know is how well do I show love unto others or ask for this feedback as it would seem like I could be opening a Pandora's box in asking, not that that should stop me.

There are times where I ponder if I'll ever really date. To my mind, dating doesn't suit me in the traditional model of how I see it. If I rarely go out for dinner or see movies, how is going on a date with someone else to do this going to help me determine what kind of relationship I want? It would seem to make more sense to go where I'd usually go and have this person also be there though I'm not sure how easily doable that is.


  1. J.B. - I do not claim to hold all the answers in this area, but I will share a perspective for you to consider.

    Love-is our beloved Source, God, Spirit. It is pure unconditional love. It is a presence ever with us. I like to call it the Love Companion.

    love-is a reflection of our source based on our personal understanding and alignment. The maturity and quality of this has to do with our relationship to source.

    there is a huge difference. In our own capabilities and might, we can never reflect the pure source. It is only through soul growth that we are enabled to learn this Greater Love and align with it. In these moments of alignment others think we are so loving! But even then, it is not to our credit, it is our Source.

    While relationships are important, they cannot fulfill the void that only Love can fill. We all seek Love, not love. Meanwhile, we easily say I love you,.. but Love shines through vessels who are willing to be transparent mirrors of itself.

    can you see the difference?
    this is why it is confusing. It is not to be, but it is a reconditioning of what we have been taught.

    hugs, Jenn

  2. Thanks Jenn. I do see a difference and may now ponder some more on the idea that God is Love. On an intuitive level it makes sense, so now I just need to perk it in my head for a little while and it should settle somewhere. I like the idea of reconditioning as at times I question how well was I taught stuff.

  3. JB, I find that fresh perspectives help as we have all undergone conditioning processes. I have found it to be quite the unraveling experience also! ;) I hope that you are well and enjoying your week! xx Jenn