Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Synchronization part I

Iamsynchronized.com has a motivational profile tool that has been quite useful to me. Granted I have been using it in various forms for at least the past year, possibly a little more than that. For those familiar with the profiles my primary is Knowledgeable Wisdom Responsibility and my secondary is Merciful Compassionate & Fulfillment. This can make for an interesting combination as in a way I am like this giant sponge that just soaks up everything around me on an intellectual and emotional level. I also tend to know a lot on a lot of things which can range from having hundreds of thoughts that I could share on something to having just the right line that seems to be almost magical in terms of what happens after I say it just the way it came to me.

Where this gets interesting in my life now is to try to see how leadership can blend with this in my life. Possessing tons of knowledge isn't worthwhile if it isn't articulated accurately so someone else can see the wisdom of the picture being painted for them to see things from another angle. Similarly, having lots of compassion for others can lead one into some traps that aren't always the easiest to see. While I do lead my life, I'm not sure how well leading others fits well with these profiles but I suppose that could be a question for the group that showed me these profiles in the first place.

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