Thursday, March 8, 2012

The God wink du jour

Earlier tonight I was at this dinner Meetup and had this wonderful experience that I just have to share here. Way after the main meal there was this late discussion between a vegan and someone curious to know why someone would choose such a life style there was this quirky little moment where I mentioned "The Light Cellar" which was a place I learned about at "The Seed Event" as she had mentioned she wanted to find more places to get raw food.

The change in this person's eyes was remarkable. You'd think I'd pass along a recipe for ambrosia or something in that ballpark of awesomeness. It was like someone that had lived in the desert for weeks and I came with a fire hose and an ocean of water to quench that thirst. I got all giddy inside and will now await the next time in my life where I'll have this kind of yummy moment as I know another is coming soon.

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