Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A new quotient to study...

What about the idea of a "Hugging Quotient?" I've had days where getting dozens of hugs just made that day awesome. Granted not everyone is a hugger but how does one found out who are and aren't? It is a rather personal question in more than a few ways.

This is without getting into the style of various hugs. There is the great squishy hug that tends to be my favorite though depending on the person this isn't always a good idea, e.g. if someone looks old enough to be my grandmother this hug may be a bit too much someone frail and delicate. Then there are the manly one arm hugs. I've had a few 15 minute hugfests that were rather interesting experiences. I've also heard some massive wailing hugs that I wonder if I was in that what would it be like? The wailing coming from someone that I'd think was working through some deep trauma but will be OK as I've seen this in a couple of church-y situations.

Though let me state here that I love hugs. I enjoy giving and getting. Upon request I do shift my style as I'd never want to force myself onto someone. If someone wants a gentle touch, I can do that. If someone wants the hard core, spin them around while embraced then I could do that too. Each has its place in being a wonderful expression of love.

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